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Project Description

Croft Green

Sheltered Housing

In mid-2014, Eco Design Consultants entered a competition to develop an initial design for additional homes in an existing sheltered housing scheme in Dunstable.  The brief invited proposals for additional dwellings for persons over 50 with mild to moderate dementia to include plenty of communal areas and access to external landscaped areas within an existing courtyard design. We proposed a 28 unit building built to Passivhaus standards that had clear routes through and echoes of local architectural features.

The proposal created an edge to the existing wider courtyard of sheltered homes, inviting the community and visitors into the shared areas and inviting the residents out into the landscape. The building design provided a route into the home with clear way-finding and places for interaction or meeting along with smaller, cozy spots to contemplate and look over the gardens, or sit and read a book.  The layout of the building provided all homes with plenty of daylighting, outdoor space or balcony and views over landscaped gardens.