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Project Description

Greenhart Grove


A groundbreaking development of eco homes, developed in a partnership of Circle Anglia, hill Partnerships and Huntingdon District Council. The scheme provides 29, Code for sustainable homes 5 star rated, affordable houses as a sustainability showcase. The project is constructed using timber and render provides contemporary homes that have low embodied energy. The project utilises passive design, MVHR, solar hot water and photovoltaic cells and a sedum roof.

“We are confident that the development will be an example that others will follow. It sends a clear message that we are taking responsibility to tackle climate change seriously and are prepared to lead the transition to a ‘low carbon’ economy. We believe that Greenhart Grove provides a blueprint for sustainable living, as an affordable, inspiring place, in which people will be proud to live.”

Councillor Ian Bates,  Leader of Huntingdonshire District Council