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Project Description

Stoneythorpe Village


Our client approached us wishing to create one of the UK’s first truly sustainable, energy efficient villages of the 21st century, that would embrace the future by blending innovation and the latest available technologies to deliver true zero carbon homes. The masterplan incorporates 800 homes and lots of community facilities designed to encompass the characteristics and setting of a traditional rural village with all its community values. The aim is to achieve a 100% cut in CO2 emissions by building super insulated Passivhaus housing with all the energy required for the village and the individual dwellings being produced on site through Photo Voltaic panels (PV) and other carbon free systems.

We have developed an energy strategy for the scheme that will ensure an extremely high quality built environment without compromising on zero carbon.  The project is currently being considered for Outline Planning Permission, as well as its incorporation into the Local Plan for Warwickshire.