Our Eco Office

We are in our new office, the furniture is in place and the grass is on the walls. To reduce our environmental footprint we sourced only second-hand furniture, from a variety of sources including second-hand office furniture suppliers, e-bay, and freecycle. Though we did make some cost savings the cost in time were huge to source all the bits we wanted. I had no idea that there were 3 versions of Billy bookcases, we now have all three. To tie together the different looks, cover some of the tatty bit and stamp our brand we have covered the dividers with grass. This has an additional benefit of absorbing sound.

Our presentation boards are printed with inks free from volatile solvents and aronomatic hydrocarbons on recycled corrugated cardboard by our friends at green graphics, who also cut out our letters for the walls.The whole fit out cost us less than £190 per desk, if you don’t count the hours on the internet and has a low impact on the environment. We have chosen an office in an old building, as we hope to persuade the landlord of the advantages of an eco retrofit,  including,  comfort, health and staff satistfaction. It’s also nice to know that our rent is going to support the work of Bletchley Park – www.bletchleypark.org.uk.

The Importance of Plants

The most recent addition is the plants. In addition, to looking great we chose plants to improve the office atmosphere, palms, lilies, corn plants, and orchids. We’ve used the plants to soften the office to create a peaceful effect. Though they will do much more than this as they will play an integral role in improving the air we breathe. Indoor pollution is considered by many experts a major threat to health with equipment, furniture and fittings giving off chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, benzene, acetone, ammonia, and alcohols.

The Importance of Plants

US Government research has identified concentrations of some of these chemicals at 100 times higher than normal background levels in some public buildings. Our use of only second-hand furniture in the new office has helped to reduce off-gassing.

A by-product of NASA research has identified the effectiveness of plants to absorb volatile organic chemicals (VOC) found in office environments. Plants achieve this through their normal process of photosynthesis, respiration and transpiration without any damage to the plant.

The Importance of Plants

As the personal breathing zone is 0.17 and 0.23 cubic meters that surround the individual we’ve got a plant on each desk as well as by the equipment which causes some of the most gasses.

If you would like some help or designs for your green office fit-out, come and see what we have done or give us a call.

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