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FREE Passivhaus Feasibility Study

We are pleased to offer you one of a small number of FREE Passivhaus feasibilities, you may have a potential site, a house design or even an existing house that you are looking to upgrade to Passivhaus or EnerPHit standards.

For more about Passivhaus – see our Passivhaus page

Our 6 point feasibility will cover:

1, Check form factor is reasonable
2, Orientation of building
3, Shading from other buildings, trees etc.
4, Window ratio / orientation
5, MVHR layout suitability
6, Short report with suggested improvements

We will provide a short report outlining suggested improvements likely to be needed to meet the Passivhaus or EnerPHit standard. Alternatively we may advise you that the standards are not worth pursuing as insulation levels needed to compensate other areas are not cost effective. Please note that this does not include a PHPP calculation which we will be happy to help you with if required as a second stage.

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