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Project Description

The Bletchley Project

It’s not often that you see a planning proposal to construct a self-heating, carbon neutral subterranean dwelling or as an architect you’re asked to work on a house that will be covered in turf retained from the site excavation, but that’s exactly what Eco Design Consultants are working on.

Based in one of the villages that make up Milton Keynes the Earth-Sheltered home is designed to be a highly innovative, subterranean four-bed family home, sunken in the local topography and covered with an undulating grassy mound of local vegetation. The clients are pioneering the innovative build method of insulated earth solar storage, showcasing a build method that stores summer heat in insulated earth banks for use in the colder months. It is hoped that this home will be a nationally significant building.

As pioneering as this project is, the house is fundamentally a family home, so we are working closely with our clients to ensure that the dwelling is not only fit for purpose but also provide delight and enjoyment.