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Our Services

Our aim is to combine leading technical expertise with professionalism and to promote a high standard of environmental responsibility to produce great architecture.


As an RIBA chartered practice, Eco Design Consultants can provide full architectural services from conception to completion over a variety of sectors. Whether you need a bit of additional space at home or are developing a whole site, we can help you through the process to achieve quality buildings that put the environment at the centre of design.

  • Feasibility and Planning
  • Sustainable Interior Design
  • Working Drawings and Building Regulation Applications
  • Full construction detailing
  • Project Management
  • Airtightness Detailing and Strategy
  • Extensions and Renovations
  • On-site Support
  • Supporting Developers

Strategies & Assessments

As environmental consultants, we are certified European Passivhaus Designers, registered Code for sustainable Homes assessors and energy specialists. We have worked with a number of developers, individuals and housing associations to help them develop strategies to reduce fuel and carbon usage.

  • Passivhaus Design, calculation & support
  • Renewable Energy Feasibility
  • Energy Certification (EPC’s & SAP’S)
  • Thermal bridging analysis & Psi values
  • Environmental & Energy Strategy Statements for planning
  • Bespoke Environmental Standards for Housing Associations
  • Home Energy Surveys
  • Retrofit / Renovation strategies
  • Support for other Architects
  • Home User Guides

 Training and Presentations

Eco design consultants have built up an in-depth knowledge of low energy housing and Passivhaus, and have spoken at conferences, universities, and Architectural practices.  Spreading the knowledge is important to us, and we offer a range of services.

  • Conference Presentations
  • Seminars / CPD presentations
  • In-house Training / Support

Architectural Design

We are passionate about providing great architecture, good architecture will lift your spirits as well as be fully functional. We specialise in low carbon, eco home designs that are light on the planet and light on your pocket. As a RIBA registered practice, we offer the full architectural service from feasibility to on-site supervision and completion of your project. We will listen to your requirements and aim to provide appropriate solutions.

Architectural Design

  • Optimise layout and usability
  • Minimise heat loss
  • Maximise solar gain
  • Maximise natural light and ventilation
  • Encourage and enable a low carbon lifestyle
  • Minimise water usage but maintain usability
  • Select appropriate materials
  • Integrate renewable energy technologies
  • Provide delight

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Sustainable Interiors

Each business is unique, with its own philosophy, operating model and team. Just as unique is the building that the company occupies depending on location, orientation, occupancy and use. Eco Design Consultants believe that sustainable interior design strategies should be equally unique. Each of our strategies are based on Passivhaus principles and biophilic design, to deliver solutions to individual businesses requirements.

Our office designs utilize our Architectural and environmental skills to deliver a layout which optimises comfort, productivity, satisfaction and a sense of wellbeing.


We will listen and discuss your business plan so that your design will enhance your objectives and improve the bottom line. The business case for green offices is well established as staff being the most valuable resource in most organisations, investment in a thermally comfortable, natural light and low VOC materials reduces absenteeism costs, increases retention and boosts productivity. This is on top of the benefits associated with reduced fuel costs and the green pound.

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Working Drawings

A Fully Integrated Sustainable Working Drawing Package

I am sure you would agree that successful detailing of projects is vital for the project’s success, this is especially important for highly sustainable developments. We can provide you with a service that combines our many years of Architectural design and detailing with environmental assessment to provide an integrated service that will:

  • Be reliable, accurate and cost-effective
  • Achieve high levels of airtightness
  • Achieve good ‘U’ values’
  • Benefit from experience of Passivhaus detailing & design
  • Reduce cold bridging
  • Minimise renewable technologies & fully integrate where appropriate
  • Benefit from experience of designing CSH 5* homes
  • Ensure appropriate selection of sustainable materials

Working Drawings

Cold Bridge Elimination

As part of our working drawing package we offer 2D computer analysis of details utilising software to highlight cold bridging weak points, enabling corrections to be made. This process also provides Ψ (psi) values enabling better results in both PHPP (Passivhaus planning package) and SAP (standard assessment procedure).

It will also ensure that your project:

  • Saves money at construction
  • Reduces unnecessary materials
  • Reduces the risk of condensation
  • Ensures buildability
  • Improves your SAP / PHPP ratings
  • Saves money and CO2 on fuel
  • Increases comfort for the owner / tenant

Did you know that on highly efficient buildings, poorly designed joints between elements can double the heat loss of a building?

We can solve this through computer analysis and careful detailing.

“We found eco design consultants work on the cold bridging invaluable, they were able to reduce the cold bridging considerably on our refurbishment project. It did not make the details any thicker and on one of the details they improved the efficiency of the house by 15% just by changing detailing and material specification.”

Gil Schalom, Gil Schalom Design

Airtightness Detailing and Strategy

Airtightness is a vital element of a building, especially when constructing to the Passivhaus standard because excessive air leakage can lead to more energy being consumed and a draughty/ leaky building. Therefore the need to eliminate areas of air leakage is extremely important. Less leaky buildings also offer more comfort to the user.

Airtightness Strategy Report

We can prepare an airtightness strategy report that can be used at on-site induction by the design and construction team which will include an introduction on the importance of airtightness. The report will be presented in a practical manner and will also include pictures, diagrams and references to further information and product details such as airtightness tapes. If desired, we can also run a practical workshop to show contractors how to install the airtightness tape.

Airtightness Detailing and Strategy

We can provide detail drawings to aid with building airtightness. These details will cover areas where airtightness is particularly key and show how they should be made airtight. Key areas may include:(this list is not exhaustive)

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Junction between the ground floor and wall
  • First floor junction
  • Service penetrations
  • Loft hatch
  • Roof & eaves

Supporting Developers

Supporting Developers

Energy Strategies

All buildings are different and vary depending on location, orientation, occupancy, use, heating systems and appliances. Therefore energy strategies to reduce energy usage will also vary. We can help individual homeowners, developers, housing associations, designers and architects with energy reduction solutions to meet the demands and constraints of their development.

For Individual Homeowners

Whether you are looking to build your own home, refurbish your existing home or just want to reduce your energy bills, we can help you find an appropriate solution. We have experience of reducing a home’s total CO2 emissions by over 80% and we can assist you in reducing your home’s carbon footprint and future fuel bills, offering you fuel security in the future. We will produce a written report looking at the potential of different scenarios such as thickness and location of insulation, changes to the internal layout, renewables and MVHR. The report will then allow you to make an informed decision, and show potential combinations to reach targets such as Passivhaus, or AECB building standard.

Energy Strategies

For Developers, Housing Associations, Designers and Architects

Many local authorities and some clients now require energy and carbon dioxide to be reduced using Low or Zero Carbon Technologies (LZCs). We can assist you in selecting a suitable solution and provide appropriate reports as required. Our reports will look at the potential advantages and disadvantages of renewable technologies in relation to the particular development and consider the budget, long term maintenance costs and effectiveness of each technology over a 60 year period. At the same time, we will ensure full integration and that the design is not compromised.


Local Authorities, Housing Associations and clients can sometimes require certification for new homes. We are certified assessors for Code for Sustainable Homes and EcoHomes assessments and we can provide help and support you all the way through the process including LZC Feasibility Studies, Home User Guides, SAPs and EPCs for Building Regulations.

 Energy Strategies

Our full range of energy strategy services:-

  • New Build and Retrofit Strategy Reports
  • Independent help in choosing the appropriate renewable energy for your project
  • Low or Zero Carbon Energy assessment and options appraisal
  • Energy strategies for GLA and Local Authorities’ requirements
  • Sustainability statements for planning

Supporting Developers

All large planning schemes require a sustainability and energy statement, we can assist you in providing this. We can develop strategies that not only meet local authorities requirements but can provide marketing advantages, as green, sustainable, energy efficient and healthy homes.  Now that the code for sustainable homes has been abolished why not consider the AECB Silver Standard as Blue Print did in Nottingham. Combine our environmental input with our Architectural service, and you have a joined up package.

For the more adventurous we have experience of designing many housing schemes including a 28 unit CSH 5-star scheme in Huntingdon, and the country’s 1st 5-star house at the BRE in Watford.

Supporting Developers

Support we offer:

  • Architectural Design & Detailing
  • Environmental strategies
  • Energy Certification – SAP, PEAs, EPCs
  • Low and Zero Carbon technology Feasibility Reports
  • Daylighting calculations
  • Environmental statements for Planning
  • Passivhaus Design & PHPP calculation
  • Home User Guides
  • CPD and training to staff

Supporting Developers