Home Office & Garden Room

Eco Design Consultants are excited to have just gained planning permission for the Eco renovation of a family home in Knutsford.

As the main drivers behind this project are the environment, comfort, health and air quality, Passivhaus principles were important to aid the design process for this family home. At the same time improving the looks of this very practical home were crucial to the success of the design, this has been achieved through sensitive use of material to tie together a previous extension and the new extension to the existing home, while respecting the local vernacular. A canopy has been added to the entrance both for practicality and to create a sense of arrival for visitors, which is currently lacking.

Internally the balance and flow of the home has been addressed to meet the families requirements today with the flexibility to future proof for their changing requirements. A home office has been added which maximises connection between the home and garden to allow the family to enjoy the health benefits from the connection to nature.

Eco Home Office
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