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Project Description

Carrstone House

Award Winning Passivhaus Plus

Carrstone House has been designed to meet the clients desire for a highly environmentally sustainable life, achieving Passivhaus Plus certification.

The living spaces are arranged in an open plan format facing south to use maximum solar gain. The master bedroom and lounge are the most used rooms and so are located to the south maximising the views. A central utility spine separates private and public area within the house, providing a clear design feature.

The house optimises high levels of natural light, reducing energy usage and improving wellbeing. Solar panels incorporated into the roof will provide enough energy to completely meet the power and heating need of the home, with excess to run an electric car. This will make the house carbon neutral and energy positive. Efficient water fittings, water butts and sustainable drainage solutions will be included to reduce the usage of water.

The clients on this project took on the role of principle designers throughout the construction phase of the project. They spoke to the house planning help team about their experience, to produce a podcast “taking on the principle designers role.”

Carrstone in the press

Carrstone house has been featured in a couple national publications, click on the links below to find out more.

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Build it 

Eco Design Consultants have been a superb partner for us in the realisation of our dream to build a Passivhaus.  From the initial meetings, through concept design, the planning process and construction phase they have worked with us to develop functional and creative designs within the parameters required. The end result is a distinctive building with a comfortable living environment that doesn’t cost the earth to run

Paul & Belinda